Photos by Louise Rogers


Eben said...

I'm 100% for Barack Obama and Joe Palin and your sign is the bomb.

HOWEVER! I must know who that stunning beauty is in this photo of four women. Facing the photo she's all the way to the right.

What babe! ;-)

Eben said...

in previous post please read "Obama/BIDEN" ... NOT "Palin".

Now that lovely woman will certainly NEVER want anything to do with a fellow who thinks Palin is anything but "Palineolithic".

Sorry Penn! ;-)

Eben said...

Okay folks this is actually painful. I'm desperate to know who that stunning girl is. Is she married?

Someone help me out here!

I mean that's one babe and a half that girl on the end.

I hate that the internet has to be so careful and that my need to meet that beauty will go unrequited...

Ah me.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are AMAZING- great job! I love the picture of Me and (plastic) Noah- I might have to make that my Facebook picture... Great job! <3