Making the sign. Why do it?

Since the OBAMA NOW! Sign has been up several people have asked us what inspired us to do it.

The idea of a large sign took shape during the Republican Convention, but especially after the big bounce in the polls for the Republican Ticket after the Palin choice for VP.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were/are running a first rate, issues driven campaign and as Barack has said, the ‘McCain Straight Talk Express’ was veering down the road of negativity. Many friends expressed the same feelings of frustration and concern. We were becoming disheartened. How often in our lives will a candidate like Barack Obama manage to get this far?
Going door to door in New Hampshire, like we did 4 years ago, wasn’t going to happen for us this time but we wanted to do something positive and creative to support the Obama/Biden campaign and issues.

At first it was just going to be a sign the three of us painted, but after Penny designed the letters and I cut the 4 sheets of plywood it took on a new life.

Primed white and leaning against our barn, the letters needed a lot more work. We thought of the many people we knew who would have ideas and enthusiasm to add to this project. So we pulled a Tom Sawyer and called around to friends. Everyone was enthusiastic. We offered each ‘team’ only one directive: Keep it positive. No one knew what anyone else planned or was doing. The diversity and sincerity would pull it all together. Not surprisingly, this has been the Obama campaign theme all along.

More people wanted to be involved so we cut up another piece of plywood and gave them stars to paint.

When the letters and stars came together for the sign’s construction the energy was inspirational. The first letter expresses a universal hope for peace. Another letter quotes a few eloquent words of past leaders and reminds us that a candidate who taught constitutional law for 10 years will understand and respect the constitution. Another letter celebrates the candidate’s understanding of the dangers of global warming and commitment to renewable energy. Other letters cheer us with their colors, patterns subtle or explicit messages.

We can’t speak for everyone, but the project for us has helped illustrate the positive, hopeful vision for the future that Barack Obama represents.

Nate, Penny and Mia



el guapo said...

I LOVE it! Put it on a flatbed and bring it up to New Hampshire -- the state that's going to put Obama over the top ...

Anonymous said...

The sign is inspired and inspiring. I can't wait to see it in person when I get home in a few days. Congratulations to everyone who worked on it, and may it help to usher in better days for our country.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this inspirational and beautiful piece of artwork. My 2 & 5 year old yell out "Obama Now" whenever we drive by.

Unknown said...

Way to Go!
It's Great to see Energy & Art come together for a positive political statement.
Go Bama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Fairhaven!

dragonfly said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I'm so anxious about tomorrow I'm literally sick to my stomach, but every time I drive by, I'm inspired!

amidnightrider said...

I see the sign every day and smile. Tomorrow morning I'll be pumping my fist in joy.

Great idea and great job.

Unknown said...

Great to see what use you've put your Old Bio spirit to, Nate. Thanks to your contribution to our country's future.